FW-PowerSkate --- Heavy duty Cable Carrier

  • Product Description

    Developed to maximise ramp flexibility, Flywell Power's unique heavy duty Igus chain Power Skate gives airport operators 180 degrees of unrestricted movement of the cable carrier arms, thereby eliminating the need to specify left or right-hand units. This aids maintenance and swap-outs and assists with ground operations. The solid construction and wide-set support wheels reduce operator fatigue. The special Igus chain and cleat arrangement eliminates cable creep and dangerous cable waisting, both of which affect power delivery, reduce cable life and can cause dangerous hot spots.

    • Options

      � Low rolling resistance.
      � 180 degrees of uninterrupted radius.
      � Multiple braking points.
      � Cable protection.
      � Output plug holster.
      � Configurable mounting
      � Accepts any GPU lead
      � Easy installation
      � High visibility flags
      � Reflective decals for safe night-time operations
      � Heavy-duty models available to carry longer or larger diameter, or dual cables

  • FW-PowerSkate

Technical Specifications *

  • Functions
  • Safety
  • Physical
  • Dimensions(mm) (L*W*H)(stowed)
  • Weight
  • Tyre
  • Material
  • Versions for one or two cables, configurable length and left or right hand operation.
  • Protective earth cable supplied. Reflective tape and hi visibility flags
  • Standard model extends to 9000 mm
  • 900 * 2500 * 1400
  • 600 kg
  • 8 x (braked) castors
  • Aluminum alloy extrusion