Services Overview

Sub Categories

  • Air Traffic Rights
  • Flight Planning
  • Aviation Logistics
  • Crew Accomodation/Transport

Flight Support Operations

  • Ground Handling

    We offer our Customers an integrated range of high quality cargo, ramp and technical services within pakistan and various locations across the globe. We can tailor our products to the specific needs of each of our Customers, offering all or a mix of the following services:

    � Passenger Services
    � Passenger check-in
    � Ticketing
    � Boarding
    � Lost and found
    � Irregularity handling (hotel accommodation, meal vouchers)
    � Security screening
    � Special services
    � Ramp / Technical Services
    � Baggage loading / Sorting
    � Pushback, towing and repositioning
    � Aircraft cleaning, toilet/water
    � Load control, communications, flight operations, dispatch
    � Represenation & Supervision

  • Fuel Management

    Fuel Management is a complete outsourced solution for airlines in the procurement of fuel and fuel related services. The service offers a single point of contact, complete price transparency, access to expertise, competitive bidding of fuel requirements, paying supplier invoices and preparing customised reports.

  • Overflying & Landing Permissions

    We liaise with Civil Aviation Authorities and our representatives across the globe, so that we can provide our clients with constantly updated permissions, and ensure that their flight plans are on schedule.
    We routinely handle short-notice over-flight and landing permits around the world for:
    � Corporate Jets
    � Passenger Charter
    � Cargo Charter
    � Ferry Operations
    � Relief And Emergency Operations

  • Flight Catering

    To meet your specific requirements and to ensure a smooth business relationship we have dedicated staff for each specific client.

    Our development team works with you not only to create exciting and innovative menus, but also pro-actively suggests cost saving opportunities.

    Airbiz has an outstanding record for on-time delivery and our ground handling staff is well known amongst our airline customers for their willingness to go that extra mile.

    We have a certified Halal Kitchen to serve those customers who require Halal meals.

  • Cargo

    Our expertise range from handling urgent shipments on "Next Flight Out" over ULD building to Project Solutions. As a Customer Driven company, our Transportation Solutions are designed on a case-by-case basis to meet the unique requirements of our customers' every consignment.

  • Flight Charter

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Value additions

1 Urgent Landing & Overflying Permissions

2 Unforecasted Flight Planning

3 Weather & Notams