FW24-START26 --- 24V Portable Starter Packs

  • Product Description

    In military use worldwide, the START26 uses a tough, corrosion resistant, all stainless steel case with flush sides and full-length handle to prevent snagging in confined spaces. A heavy-duty pull-on/push-off isolator/emergency 'power kill' knob with 'on condition' replaceable silver-plated copper contacts ensures maximum power transfer with minimum voltage drop.

    The GPU is ideal for carrying on board and for emergency power and turbine starting. Imporved, updated and fitted with auto selecting integral modular mini charging system for remote charging and maximum cell recharge. Suitable for starting all on board APUs and medium size free turbines.

    • Features

      � Flush smooth sides and rectangular shape ensures easy stowage and handling without snagging in confined space.
      � Solid State Digital Voltmeter.
      � Heavy-duty push/pull on/off contactor with safety 'R' clip and replaceable 'on condition' contacts.
      � Flush-mounted polarized output port.
      � Fitted with unique input port designed for use with optional mains-powered 28 VDC switch mode ramp/shop Flywell Power power supply.
      � Accessory plug.
      � Controls located on pack top, protected by full-length stainless steel handle and reinforced angled side buttresses.
      � 2 m heavy-duty double-insulated 502 mm leads with heavy-duty rubber Nato plug.
      � Twin 110 / 220 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 3-stage integral charging modules with charge indicator LEDs.
      � All-welded stainless steel case with removable screwed back panel.

    • Options

      � For a faster recharge : 10 A, 110 / 220 V, 50 / 60 Hz external charger, recharge time from 50% discharge : 2 hours.
      � Padded protective jacket.
      � Single trolley.
      � 2 m lead with 1000 A cast brass, braided, fully insulated and colour coded wide jaw 'Vulture beak' alligator clips for plant and vehicle starting.

  • FW24-START26

Technical Specifications *

  • Peak Current (max short circuit current)
  • Cell capacity
  • Cell configuration
  • Standing voltage (off charge)
  • Recharge time from 50% discharge
  • Ambient temperature range
  • Dimensions(mm) (L*W*H)
  • Weight
  • Case
  • NATO stock number
  • 1556 A
  • 26 Ah
  • Series
  • 25.6 V nominal
  • 8 hours
  • -30°C to +40°C
  • 450 * 340 * 110
  • 23.5 kg
  • All-welded antimagnetic stainless steel case with screw-retained rear cover. Pack sits on 2 x transverse welded 'u' section feet with cut-outs to suit optional lightweight trolley
  • NCAGE : KD628
  • NSN : 2990-99-930-31434