FW28-START410 --- 26-28V Starter Carts

  • Product Description

    FW28 ramp carts are designed to replace diesel GPUs or fixed and semi-mobile transformer rectifier units (TRUs).

    Where no mains power is present or noise curfews prohibit use of diesel GPUs, they are a highly efficient, low cost power source - operating at a fraction of the cost of a diesel GPU, yet able to deliver the same power and turbine starting output. These large, powerful, heavy-duty battery carts provide a combination of instant high amperage with pure DC wave form and full mobility, low initial investment and extremely low operating costs. Their zero noise and zero carbon footprints are important environmental considerations. With the price of diesel increasing and stricter legislation on noise and CO2 emissions, the advanced technology FWP battery cart range is the way forward for regional and feeder airline's FBOs and ground handling agents under pressure to reduce direct operating costs.

    FWP large 26-28 V battery cart GPUs are increasingly being used to provide the smooth 26-28 V DC power required for pre-flight checks, avionics programming or maintenance. They are ideal for crew training, aircraft turnaround/cabin cleaning at remote airport stands (where power can be required for anything from a few minutes to several hours) or where noise curfews or the lack of any electrical supply prohibit any other method of powering the aircraft's DC systems.

    Unlike a diesel GPU, FWP battery carts are simply connected to a charger at the end of the day. Annual savings in fuel and maintenance are typically between $40,000 and $300,000 compared with a diesel GPU running daily. There are no diesel costs, no exhaust, no noise, no pollution - and no maintenance.

    Direct cost comparisons between a diesel GPU and a FWP cart show savings enabling many operators to amortize the FWP GPU in less than 6 months while benefitting from the favorable public and corporate publicity of using environment-friendly equipment.

    The modular design of the advanced technology battery pack allows rapid swap-out if necessary. Batteries are sealed, maintenance-free and cleared for air transportation. Able to be used by personnel with minimum technical knowledge, FWP GPUs are easy to operate and repair.

    The FWP battery cart range is perfect for remote operations, ramp/hangar duty or regular line operations. Unlike diesel GPUs which need regular maintenance, the FWP carts need only a single or 3-phase mains connection for their charger - depending on charge time.

    For operators with multiple DC aircraft movements requiring several carts, Flywell Power supplies a remote multi-charge station which allows several battery carts to be simultaneously re-charged. Because the special cells have no memory effect, carts not in use can be recharged at any time.

    • Features

      � Heavy-duty push/pull (emergency) isolator switch.
      � Digital voltmeter for GPU output voltage display.
      � Charge ammeter indicating charger output.
      � LED counter with start monitoring and interlock protection circuit.
      � Cold weather protection/anti-cold soak insulation.
      � Elastomeric rear suspension.
      � Bolt-on replaceable front axle assembly.
      � Bolt-on side protection bars.
      � Bolt-on mudguards.
      � Removable rear control panel module.
      � Paint finish - powder coated, yellow.
      � Replaceable alloy corrosion-proof panels.
      � Spare wheel (side mounted).
      � Foot operated parking brake.
      � Fire extinguisher (supplied only if shipped by road due to air transport regulations).
      � 12 months warranty against faulty parts or labor (batteries are on a proportional warranty based on usage over time).
      *Features vary according to model.

    • Supplied As Standard With

      � Frame manufactured from steel hollow section, finished in powder-coat yellow side panels all alloy replaceable.
      � 4 x 70 mm2 section, 4 m double-insulated output cable with rubber Nato plug.
      � Spare wheel.
      � Foam fire extinguisher (road shipment only).

  • FW28-START410

Technical Specifications *

  • Peak current (max starting current)
  • Battery capacity
  • Continuous power supply output
  • DC Input
  • Dimensions(mm) (L*W*H)
  • Weight
  • Batteries
  • Re-charge time from 50% discharge
    Using 80 A, external charger
    Using 240 A, external charger
  • Control panel
  • Charge input plug
  • ON/OFF emergency isolator
  • Accessory socket
  • Power cells
  • Tyres
  • Operating temperature range
  • 3500 A
  • 410 Ah
  • Separate charger
  • Options : 80 A, Single phase ; 240 A, 3 phase
  • 1630 * 920 * 750
  • 477 kg

  • 14 x 2 V
    13 x 2 V

  • 4 hours
    80 minutes
  • Digital voltmeter, Digital ammeter, On / Off power knob
  • S350 polarised DC accepts single or 3-phase charger
  • Heavy-duty double pole push/pull switch with red mushroom knob
  • 28 V DC accessory socket, fused @ 10A, suitable for work light, DC
  • 410 Ah series connected starved electrolyte gas recombining cells. Cells cleared for air transportation. Correctly protected in accordance with ICAO regulations.
  • 4 x 400 mm pneumatic
  • -30°C to +45°C
  • KD628